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The New World Geebird & Bamby

The New World" revisits anonymous places of the 20th century. It is set in a time characterized by the conflict of Modernist and Postmodernist convictions, its influence on later 20th century history, and ultimately, the world we live in today. 

On a formal level, this conflict defines the aesthetics of the collection. The interrelation of rational graphic design and anonymous photorealism reflects the contrast of manmade ideals and the acceptance of life in chaos. “The New World" is shaped by an original set of rules, metrics and processes. This enables the revelation of eclectic utopias that, for better or worse, withhold the definition of a photograph."


the60sbazaar: 1960s Australia travel poster 


the60sbazaar: 1960s Australia travel poster 


Jess Bonham

Body Builder

For the series ‘Body Builder’ photographer Jess Bonham teamed up with set designer Anna Lomax to create a playful series that uses the human body as its structural starting point. They set out to create a series of images experimenting with the arrangement of additional materials and objects

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mymodernmet: Los Angeles-based photographer Austin Irving has been documenting the strange beauty of show caves—natural caves managed by government or commercial organizations that have been modified to accommodate tourism—for years in her series Show Caves, traveling all over the United States and Southeast Asia to photograph these natural wonders turned into tourist attractions.

this is it.

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